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The Traditional Yoga Association® MUKTI Project
MUKTI    RAFFLE    2024


MUKTI is a Project of the Traditional Yoga Association® , a registered charity based in England (Charity No. 1091469) that seeks to promote all aspects of Yoga. MUKTI was founded in 1998 by the TYA in order to raise funds for the education and care of homeless children in India and homelessness in the UK, including Centrepoint and Launchpad, Reading. To date MUKTI has been able to make grants of over £700,000 ~ all funds raised by teachers and members of the TYA.

No-one involved with the Traditional Yoga Association takes a salary for the fund-raising work of MUKTI ~ all funds raised go to the causes they are raised for and a very small percentage of administration costs that cover things like hall rentals for fund-raising events.


Trudie Styler – actor, film-producer, environmentalist and yogini – is MUKTI ’s patron. 


None of the money MUKTI raises for projects in India goes to salaries in the UK. Everyone who works for MUKTI does so as a volunteer.


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This signature edition of the Ramayana was donated to Mukti by the publishers Vedic Cosmos

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